Ancient Egypt is a land of mysteries, and Quickspin’s Phoenix Sun Slots brings us into the world-famous bird that grants wishes. The game starts with 24 ways to win on 5 reels; it later unlocks 7776 winning combinations when 3 wild phoenix symbols trigger free rounds during your play session in this Egyptian slot machine city! And if you love fun prizes as much we do here at Online casinos guide – don’t forget about 1716x stake payoff for every spin while enjoying FREE SPINS.

Winning with Phoenix Sun

Quickspin’s latest game, Phoenix Sun, takes you on an exotic journey through ancient Egypt. The graphics are beautifully designed with crisp lines and vivid colours that bring the player right into this world of Magik Stones, where they can find prizes waiting at every turn!

Phoenix Sun Gameplay

The game interface should not be too hard to comprehend with the basic characteristics, including 5 reels, each having 6 cells; only three will remain active in this slot’s gameplay. Replacing paylines are 243 possible ways that you can complete winning combinations when using a golden Phoenix symbol; it bursts into flame every time one appears, setting some locked symbols on fire and giving players more options for how they could win!

The phoenix sun slot machine is not just for those who like their luck to fall in the form of gold coins. You can go discovering long-forgotten treasures lying deep within royal dwellings and win up to £100 per spin! The game’s available on all sorts of devices, including phones or tablets, so you’re sure not to be bored anywhere life takes y0urself with this exciting opportunity at gaming fun guaranteed – Phoenix Sun The best part? There are no Dramatic victories here; instead, players experience gentle wins that quietly build over time into larger jackpots.

Quickspin’s Phoenix sun video is a lush, colourful animation that would be at home in the repertoires of Creator or Liar Games. The colours are vivid and engaging, with each frame being more beautifully than before, making for an unforgettable experience!

This is just a simple video of an interaction between two Billard balls. The first ball hits the second one, breaking into numerous smaller pieces before rebounding off its surface again! It’s exciting to watch them closely because you can see how each piece moves differently from one another due to the different materials used when making up their surfaces.

Winning with Phoenix Sun

Winning with Phoenix Sun

The symbols on the reels point to Ancient Egypt, and you’ll find Tutankhamun or Cleopatra among them. The low-paying card representations are styled playing-card characters while male and female pharaohs make up high-value ones like Anubis (for example) with a standard wild that substitutes for all other symbols but not in base gameplay–it substitutes only when it appears as part of another win condition!

symbols in a slot machine determine which combinations will produce winning payouts.

This slot is not for those who want a huge progressive jackpot, but it does have the chance of paying up to 1649 times your stake in one spin. You’ll need to bet big if you want this win because even lower spins will give impressive returns!

Phoenix Sun Bonus Features

The phoenix is the wild symbol that gets you to Quickspin’s golden riches. Set against a red backdrop, it substitutes for all symbols on Reels 1 and 2 during base gameplay in order to make winning combinations!

The Phoenix wild triggers an expanded reel layout whenever it occurs, with random tile removal during winning combinations. More rounds of respins will keep coming until no more phoenixes appear in a combination or you trigger another feature that stops this game’s progression.

The free spin feature is activated once you collect 5 Phoenix Wilds, which may happen in one or more respin rounds. You’ll receive eight epic prizes thanks to the massive ways of winning on an expanded 6×5 grid that features 7776 possible outcomes!

Why Phoenix Sun?

This game might be perfect if you are looking for a slot with fast-paced action and brilliant graphics. The volatility of the machine is medium, but it will keep players motivated by providing them a 96% payout percentage on their wins, which means that even if there aren’t as many small rewards during playtime, they’ll still want to keep playing because every now and again something big pays off!