While Revolut is still relatively new, it has made waves in the gaming industry with its innovative payment methods. Many online casinos offer bonuses to their players who use this form of payment, and those offers can range from free spins on top games to big deposit matches!

General Information About Revolut

The company started back in 2015 and has grown exponentially over the years. They are one of many leaders within this industry, having come into existence with an expansion that mirrors its rise as a prominent player on par among other competitors who likewise rose through such advancements.

Fees and commissions

General Information About Revolut

When players go over the transactional limit, they will be additionally charged a certain percentage.

With its range of cards, there’s one to suit every need. The standard card is free!

Deposit and withdrawal times

With Revolut, you can deposit funds into your online casino account in seconds. The process is fast and seamless so that it will be reflected on the screen before long!

Withdrawing money from your card is usually a simple process. The player must ensure that they reside in the correct county for their type of account, and then it will be determined how long withdrawal takes based on these factors- 3 days being average, but there can sometimes happen an immediate transaction as well!

General Information About Revolut

Support work quality

In a world where many companies are cutting back on customer service, it’s refreshing to see one that values your opinion. Revolut provides 24-hour phone and email support and lives chat capabilities within the app so that you can get help from experts anytime, day or night!

If you have any concerns or need to block your account immediately, call this 24-hour support line.


With Revolut, you can play at any of the best online casinos in Canada and make use of all their great features.

More Revolut casinos to choose

Revolut is a banking payment option that players can use to deposit money into their casino account. It also offers other products such as international transfers and currency exchange; among the things making this method a good choice for Canadian users are its fast processing time which has no fees attached, while Premium accounts come at only slightly higher rates with monthly charges of C$12 or Metal Accounts require an additional fee between CAD 15-25 per month depending on what level you choose.