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What is the World Federation of Exchanges?

The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), based in Paris, is the global trade association for the stock exchange industry. Until relatively recently the World Federation of Exchanges was known by its French name Fédération Internationale des Bourses de Valeurs, (FIBV). The organization is sometimes referred to as the international federation of stock exchanges

The main objective of WFE is to provide for the efficient, fair and secure promotion of national markets through the establishment and maintenance of functional standards for member exchanges as well as to promote the co-operation in establishing adequate standards for transnational issuing, trading and settlement. Members of WFE are required to comply with the “Generally Accepted Principles of Securities Trading” determined by the WFE General Assembly. The membership is comprised of 56 regulated exchanges from all regions of the world. Together, these exchanges account for over 97% of world stock market capitalization, and most of its exchange-traded futures, options, listed investment funds, and bonds. The activities of the members go far beyond the business lines of traditional stock markets and encompass a wide range of products and services in the financial arena, including derivative markets, clearing houses, settlement institutions, central depositories, information technology providers and internet businesses. FIBV issues reliable and comparable markets statistics exclusively sourced from the data provided by member exchanges.