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When starting an Investment Club, why do you need to nominate club officials, how do they get elected and what positions should they hold?

One of the most important aspects of starting an Investment Club is to ensure that officials are elected in order that the Club can operate in an efficient and effective manner.

To ascertain who should be elected, it is suggested that a “Nominating Committee” be formed. The responsibility of this Nominating Committee is to provide a list of candidates by canvassing each member for suggested names; talk to each member to ascertain if they want to serve as an official and then develop a list to be presented to all the members for their review prior the actual election of officials. Some of the positions most commonly elected are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and usually hold a term of one year. As an example of responsibilities, the President chairs all meetings, appoints committees and oversees the activities of the Club. The Secretary’s function is to take minutes at each meeting and then to read those minutes at the next meeting. For more information about running an investment club: How to Start & Run an Investment Club, published by the Canadian Securities Institute