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Technical Analysis

Learn more about Technical Analysis with the following tools suggested by the ILC Resource Centre


Getting Started In Technical Analysis.

Author:Jack D, Schwager
Published information:New York, N.Y: John Wiley & Sons, 1999
Resource Centre call number:332.644 Sch1

Outperforming The Market: A Case Study To Selecting Investments

Author:Larry, MacDonald
Published information:Don Mills, Ont: ECW Press, 1998
Resource Centre call number:332.6322 M14

Point And Figure Charting : Essential Applications For Forecasting And Tracking Market Prices.

Author:Thomas J, Dorsey
Published information:New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1995
Resource Centre call number:332.63222 D73

Technical Analysis From A To Z.

Author:Stephen B, Achelis
Published information:New York, N.Y: McGraw-Hill, 1995
Resource Centre call number:332.644 Ac4

Technical Analysis Of The Futures Markets: A Comprehensive Guide To Trading Methods And Applications.

Author:John J, Murphy
Published information:, New Jersey: New York Institute of Finance, 1986
Resource Centre call number:332.644 M95

Technical Analysis Plain & Simple: Charting The Markets In Your Language.

Author:Michael H, Kahn
Published information:London, Great Britain,:Financial Times, 1999
Resource Centre call number:332.644 K12

Using Technical Analysis: A Step-By-Step Guide To Understanding And Applying Stock Market Charting Techniques.

Author:Clifford, Pistolese
Published information:Revised ed. New York, N.Y: McGraw-Hill, 1994
Resource Centre call number:332.644 P67