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Global Stock Exchanges

Quote By:Andrew Klein, founder, Wit Capital Corporation(issuer of the Internet's first IPO)

"In the future, the stock market will not revolve around brokers, or dealers, or specialists. It will not be limited to the physical location, to the trading floor, even to a central database. The stock market of the future will take place wherever individuals access each other to trade securities. A seat in the stock exchange will be any chair in front of a computer with a modem."

The world's stock markets are undergoing considerable transformation as they rethink their relationship with the outside world. Learn more about the forces causing these changes with the resources available from investorlearning.ca.


Capital Market Revolution: The future of the markets in an on-line world.

Author:Patrick Young and Thomas Theys
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Capital Markets: a global perspective.

Author:Thomas H. McInish
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E-Investing: how to choose and use a discount broker.

Author:Rob Carrick and Guy Anderson
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Global Equity Markets: technological, competitive and regulatory challenges.

Author:Robert A. Schwartz
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How the Stock Markets Work.

Author:John Dalton
Published information:New York, N.Y: New York Institute of Finance, 1993
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The On-Line Investor: how to find the best stocks using your computer.

Author:Ted Allrich
Published information:New York, N.Y: St. Martin's Press, 1999