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Company Research

Evaluating the financial health of a company and its stock requires research and analysis. The following list of resources, available in most main public libraries either in paper or on the Internet, provides an investor with the data required to gauge a company’s growth and earnings prospects.

On-line sources of corporate information


Includes information on over 4000 Canadian companies, press releases, stock quotes, charting, insider trading and ratios. Covers US companies through a link to Wall Street Research Net. Significant amounts of material available free.


Electronic filings of all Canadian public companies. Includes annual reports and financial statements.


Electronic filings of all Canadian company insider trading reports will soon be available.

Value Line Subscription service.

Comprehensive coverage of 3500 American listed companies including Ratings, reports, selection and opinions.

Blue Book of Canadian Business

Executive profiles and company histories are available without subscription


market criteria, ratios, historic trading price ranges, etc.


A subscription service offering real-time quotes, instant alerts, streaming news, in-depth portfolio tools, information on personal finance etc. Free 30-day trials are available.

Paper Sources of Corporate Information

  • Globe and Mail’s Report on Business
  • National Post’s Financial Post
  • Toronto Star Business Section
  • Stock Exchange Reviews
  • Blue Book of CBS Stock Reports
  • Ontario Securities Commission Bulletin
  • BI Better Investing
  • Canadian Shareowner
  • Investor’s Digest
  • Valueline

Prior to investing in a company, one should also assess the nature of the industry to which it belongs and the various competitive or external forces that will its performance such as: fiscal and monetary policies, interest rates, currency exchange rates, government deficits, money supplies, trade deficits, energy prices, inflation and global events. The following Internet sites will provide help with this research.

Strategis Canada

(Industry Canada) This is a massive site, jammed with information. To get to industry information - From the Home page, select Business Information by Sector. At the next screen select 2. Industrial Category. Next either select the named category or choose from the alphabet listing.

To get to economic information – From the Home page select Economic analysis and statistics. At the next screen select Current Economic Conditions

Statistics Canada

Economic indicators

Bank of Canada

Currency and exchange rates. Information on monetary policy.

Various Bank Sites

Economic data. Analysis of the economy and forecasts.

Global Investor

Dominion Bond Rating Service Industry surveys

Paper Sources for the above information

  • Canadian Economic Observer
  • Bank of Canada Review
  • Canadian Security Analysis (Industry Sectors) 2 volumes ed. Joe Kan, Published by John Wiley & Sons
  • Canada Ltd