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Tax Related

Why are dividends taxed at a different rate than interest? How does it work?

Do you have to pay tax on the capital gains earned by your stock if you haven't actually sold the stock?

How is life insurance taxed?

How is group insurance taxed?

How is a trust taxed?

What is Tax Freedom Day?

Can I reduce my income tax by deducting interest paid on money borrowed to buy investments?

What types of "tax-friendly" investments are available outside of an RRSP?

Do I get a tax break on an RRSP loan...and why does the net asset value of my mutual fund drop at the end of the year?

Do Canadian dividend mutual funds offer the most tax advantages?

How am I taxed on 100% RRSP-eligible index mutual funds that invest in foreign stock markets, assuming I hold them outside my RRSP?

How can income splitting help cut my household tax bill?

What can I do year-round to save taxes?

What is the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP)?

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