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When should an investor consider a self-directed registered retirement savings plan (self-directed RRSP)? How do you put together an effective self-directed RRSP?

What is the difference between an RRSP, RSP, RPP and RESP?

What are the advantages of investing for retirement through a Registered Retirement Savings Plan?

Should my risk tolerance affect the types of investments that I pick for my RRSP?

What are my options for getting at pension money that's now held in my locked-in RRSP?

Why does it make sense to keep lower quality, higher-risk investments out of your RRSP?

Can I move non-RRSP investments into my RRSP? Do I have to cash them in first?

What's the benefit of a spousal RRSP?

What should I keep in mind so I don't exceed the foreign content limit in my RRSP?

If I'm buying stocks for the long term, should I hold them in or out of my RRSP?

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