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Which countries are included in the G7, G8 and the G10?

The Group of Seven and the Group of Eight

The members of the Group of Seven (G-7) are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, which together account for about two-thirds of the world's economic output.

The Group of Five (G-5) major industrial countries was established in the mid-1970s to coordinate the economic policies of France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Group of Seven (G-7) subsequently superseded it.

The Group of Eight (G8) comprises the G-7 nations plus Russia. Russia began to participate in a portion of the meetings at the 1994 G-7 Summit and officially became the eighth member at the 1997 Denver, Colorado, "Summit of the Eight." The G-8 did not replace the G-7, which continues to function as a forum for discussion of economic and financial issues among the major industrial countries, and separate communiqués have continued to be issued by the G-7 and G-8 summits.

G-7/G-8 Summits have dealt with macroeconomic management, international trade, and relations with developing countries. Questions of East-West economic relations, energy, and terrorism have also been on the agenda. From this initial foundation, the Summit agenda has widened to include microeconomic issues such as employment and the information highway, transnational issues such as the environment, crime and drugs, and a variety of political and security issues ranging from human rights through regional security to arms control.

The Group of Ten

Ten relatively prosperous industrial nations agreed in 1962 to lend money to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They are Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, UK, and USA. Switzerland became the eleventh member, but the group is still called G-10.

Note: G-7/G-8 and G-10 are not related in any way though they have some members in common.