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Investorlearning.ca sometimes seeks to provide information about stocks that it has deemed to be feasible investments.  Often, but not always, when we discuss a particular stock, we have invested in it.  We try to disclose this when we are posting, but sometimes may forget.  Keep in mind that any stocks discussed on this website may be owned by the author or he/she may own them in the near future.


Information on this website should not be considered to be investment advice.  It represents the musings of one person and should only be used for entertainment.  Moreover, any information found on this website should not be assumed to be correct or up to date. It is possible that there may be some errors.  Above all, do your own research.  Do not rely on the this website for your investment decisions.

Always consider this disclaimer when reading any materials on the website and do not read any materials if you have not read and understood this disclaimer.

Content Note

We have lost contact with the author of much of the original content. If there is any question to its accuracy, we will be unable to contact them for more info.